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September 21st - 23rd, 2021

What Is the HIRI Summit?

HIRI's Summit gives you free access to the leading home improvement experts who offer advice and knowledge on all things in the industry. The industry has changed and will continue to change due to this novel time with COVID-19. The HIRI Summit is a one-stop-shop for getting a comprehensive understanding of what your company should do to stay ahead of the changes impacting home improvement.

The Summit provides information on the home
improvement industry, including:

Exclusive research
Future ideas about projects during COVID-19 adjustments
Insights on Pro & DIY customers, channels and economics
Market drivers
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Last Year's Summit Agenda

Check out the line up of the experts that registrants heard from in 2020.

Day 1 Focus: Market
  • Josh Rosenbaum from RBC Capital will be speaking about the overall economy.
  • Issi Romem will cover The Silver Tsunami.
  • HomeAdvisor, Houzz and Harvard will have a panel discussion on home improvement.
Day 2 Focus: Products and Projects
  • Joe Medosch from Hayward Healthy Homes will be speaking on healthy opportunities from health and well-being.
  • National Association of REALTORS' VP Jessica Lautz will provide an economic and demographic update that overviews the changing housing landscape.
  • Todd Tomalak and Mikaela Sharp from John Burns Real Estate Consulting will talk about the wealth gap and what it means for products/customer preference.
  • Grant Farnsworth from The Farnsworth Group will discuss a COVID-19 impact study and what was learned from it.
  • Nick Grzechowiak from Trusted Media will be sharing insights about the trend called “Home-Basing” and the evolution of home improvement/DIY.
Day 3 Focus: Channels
  • Joe from NPD will share learnings from the shifts in purchase behavior that occurred across the retail landscape since the start of COVID-19.
  • Zach Williams from Venveo will speak about connecting with the Pro in today’s market
  • The Retail Expert Panel will discuss insights on how COVID-19 has impacted home improvement and what the customer experience may look like going forward.

Highlights From Past HIRI Summits

Don’t take it from us. See some of the key insights from
speakers and panelists.

Do not underestimate the effects that trade wars have on “bystander” countries and industries—firms can and have paid dearly for assuming they will be unaffected simply because their supply chains and/or end products are not being directly targeted.
David Logan
David Logan
Non-Member Attendee
When you talk about sustainability as it relates to home improvement purchases, savings is not an effective message. Try to tie the benefit to health, and give Americans prescriptive steps to take to make it happen.
Suzanne Shelton
Suzanne Shelton
Shelton Group
Non-Member Attendee
Shopping and purchasing via mobile device is growing rapidly and must be a main strategy at retail.
Brendan Baby
Brendan Baby
The Home Depot
HIRI Member
The fundamentals of the home improvement market are strong, and housing stock and homeowner make-up are favorable in keeping the market strong.
Liza Hausman
Liza Hausman
HIRI Member
Adaptation is key right now. We are in a space where media is constantly changing because technology is constantly changing. ‘Ask your neighbor’ has now become ‘Ask Google.’ When you can’t try before you buy, brands have to offer other modes like videos and reviews that make you feel like you are experiencing the process. Video has now become a trusted source for information, product transparency and added value.
Carisha Swanson
Carisha Swanson
Market Director at Hearst Media Group and House Beautiful
Non-Member Attendee
For home improvement, the shopper’s journey is not just ‘where do I find this?’ but more importantly ‘how do I do this?’ making the role of the associate critical.
Amy Anthony
Amy Anthony
HIRI Member
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